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The CyBUr Guy Episode 18: Solarwinds123 - Probably not a good password

In this episode I welcome Red Team experts TC Johnson and Todd Hastings of the National Cyber Security Operations Center to discuss the Solarwinds Data breach that impacted over 18,000 companies including several US Government email systems. TC and Todd discuss how the bad actors got into the Solarwinds update server and what they likely did once inside. It is great insight from two really smart guys. 

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The CyBUr Guy Podcast Episode 17: China/Russia/Russia/China

In this episode I discuss the cyber and counterintelligence threat from China, with a sprinkle of Russia thrown in, with retired FBI Special Agent and Chairman Emeritus of the InfraGard National Board, Gary Gardner.  It is a wide ranging discussion that should give you a good overview of the threat China poses, why they are a threat, and ways to protect your company from this threat.

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The CyBUr Guy Podcast Episode 16:Cybercriminal Tuesday and Holiday Shopping Tips

On this episode of the CyBUr Guy Podcast I am joined by Retired FBI Special Agent Scott Augenbaum, the creator of "Cybercriminal Tuesday" and we discuss how to stay safe as you shop online and in person during this Holiday Season.

Scott's book "The Secrets to Cybersecurity" is available on and will keep you and your family safe all year round.

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The CyBUr Guy Podcast Episode 15: Innocent Images, Solar Sunrise, and Moonlight Maze with Doris Garner

In this episode I welcome the best boss I ever had in the FBI, retired Supervisory Special Agent Doris Garner, the Queen of FBI Cyber!

We discuss the creation of the longest FBI national program, the Innocent Images Initiative, her work on the Solar Sunrise and Moonlight Maze task forces, and how she found her way home to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1999.  

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The CyBUr Guy Episode 14: The OG of Threat Hunting Michael FD Anaya

On this episode I welcome former FBI Special Agent Michael F D Anaya to the podcast to discuss Threat Hunting, his cyber career in the FBI from LA to Atlanta, should you pay the ransom if you are hit with Ransomware, and what employers like his company, Expanse, are looking for in the cyber workforce. 

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The CyBUr Guy Podcast Episode 13: The World of Cyber with Retired FBI Special Agent Donna Peterson

In this episode I talk to Retired FBI Special Agent, and the best FBIHQ boss I ever had, Donna Peterson. We talk about her pre-FBI introduction to Russian intelligence, Working CI and Cyber in LA, moving to FBI Headquarters, working Cyber internationally and with Congress, and dealing with Silicon valley.  Plus we learn what a Huntsman Spider is.  If you have a topic you'd like discussed on a future podcast or have a question you'd like answered email me at  Tell your friends to listen.

The CyBUr Guy Podcast Episode 12: FBI Surveillance: Legal People Watching

On this Episode of the CyBUr Guy Podcast, I welcome fellow retired FBI Special Agent who spent over 20 years working Special Operations in the New York Field Office. We talk about his experience with 9/11, how he tracked a Tiger, and how he is now focused on protecting schools from cyber threats. I also give a brief overview of the cyber threats against our election infrastructure. If you have questions or thoughts for future podcasts, please email me at

The CyBUr Guy Podcast Episode 11: White Hatters: What they do

In this episode I talk White Hatting and Penetration Testing with Todd Hastings of the National Cybersecurity Operations Center.  We discuss his background, why companies and individuals should do to minimize cyber risk and discuss the value of degrees and certifications.  Plus he confirms that people are any entities main vulnerability.  Email me at if you have questions or suggested topics for future podcasts.  Thank you for listening.

The CyBUr Guy Podcast Episode 10: Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Michael Reese

In this episode I discuss the Cyber Threat Spectrum and as it is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I talk Cybersecurity with Michael Reese, President and CEO of Found IT Data. We talks virtual CISOs, cybersecurity for companies and individuals and we answer the question "Should passwords use special characters?"  If you have questions or topics for future episodes, email me at  Thank you for listening.  Tell a friend.

The CyBUr Guy Podcast Episode 9: Cyber from the Department of Defense Perspective

In this episode of The CyBUr Guy Podcast I'm joined by Air Force Colonel and fellow Northern NY native Martha Monroe to discuss the future of cyber threats, how the Department of Defense is dealing with these threats, how she got to her current position and some High School memories.  If you have topics for future episodes you'd like to hear discussed or questions I can answer, please email me at  Tell your friends.

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