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The CyBUr Guy Ep48: Talking Cyber and Healthcare with Paul Perry at the Warren Averett 2021 Healthcare Symposium

In this episode of the CyBUr Guy Podcast I talk cyber issues in Healthcare with Paul Perry of Warren Averett as part of their 2021 Healthcare symposium.  I also review the Apple FORCEDENTRY vulnerability fix and social media risks to your kids, specifically Instagram and Facebook.

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The CyBUr Guy Ep 47: Talking Application Whitelisting with PC Matic

In this episode I go deep into Application Whitelisting with Corey Munson and Devin Bergin of PC Matic.  I also talk about some upcoming technical add-ons to the Podcast and talk about this weeks news items that highlight the need to make sure you are protecting your kids and older relatives from the myriad of cyber threats targeting these groups.

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The CyBUr Guy Podcast: Episode 46 - Juniper Networks, Zero Trust and PCH Scams

In this episode, due to a last minute guest change I spend some time discussing Zero Trust, an article in Bloomberg about the 2015 Juniper Network Breach, and how to recognize Publisher's Clearing House Scams.  I also introduce my new Podcast, "Get CyBUr Smart" that you can recommend to your non-cyber savvy friends and family members (if you so desire).

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The CyBUr Guy Ep 45:A discussion with a retired DEA Agent (and some cyber talk)

In this episode, I welcome one of my oldest friends, retired DEA Special Agent Rick Cuthbert to discuss his 30 year career, the life of a new Drug Enforcement Agent, working with local and international partners, and how the drug game has changed with technology.  I also discuss how Gen Z is a becoming easier targets to scammers that the Baby Boomer generation, the T-mobile hack, and surprise, surprise, a government agency got hit AGAIN.  Give a listen, tell a friend.

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The CyBUr Guy Ep 44: The Cyber Threat and Small and Medium Businesses

In this episode I am joined by Paul Perry of Warren Averett to discuss cyber threats as it pertains to Small and Medium Businesses.  We discuss why cyber threats have a larger impact on these entities, and give some mitigation solutions. I start the show with some anecdotes on the Publisher Clearinghouse scam and the "Federal Reserve Board" ongoing phone scam.  

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The CyBUr Guy Ep 43: People still clicking links….

In this episode I discuss a couple cyber news articles, including that it appears folks are STILL falling for phishing, and I announce a new venture at the end of the episode.  Give a listen, tell a friend.

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The CyBUr Guy Ep 42: The Cyber Secure Mindset with Scott Augenbaum

In this episode, retired FBI Special Agent and best selling author Scott Augenbaum introduces "The Cyber Secure Mindset." This is the first of a short series we are doing on how to help folks not be the next cyber victim.  Thanks for listening.

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The CyBUr Guy Ep 41: Kaseya Ransomware Attack, Antivirus doesn’t work, an the GRU.Cyber badness abounds.

In this podcast, I discuss the recent ransomware attack that hit 1000 companies, discuss how technology is likely not the solution most hope it is, and talk about the GRU attacks on O365.  Give a listen, tell a friend.

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The CyBUr Guy Ep 40: A busy week of cyber badness

In this week I discuss a variety of cyber news items to include a CVS data breach, a ransomware group "disbanding", the US/Russia cyber discussion and some stats on Elder Scams.  Thank you very much for listening.

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The CyBUr Guy Ep 39: Let’s get Proactive and talk Zero Trust with Dr. Chase Cunningham

I was honored to have Dr. Chase Cunningham, Chief Strategy Officer of Ericom Software on this week's podcast. Dr. Cunningham is also the host of the Dr. Zero Trust Podcast, a former NSA Cryptologist and a leader in the cybersecurity field. We talk a range of topics to include insider threat, proactive cybersecurity, and what the cyber future holds.  

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